Can Silver be used as a Sanitiser?

Yes, silver in general can be used as a surface sanitiser as well as a hand sanitiser. It is a natural element that has antimicrobial properties, so it can kill bacteria and viruses. Silver is also non-toxic, so it is safe to use on skin.

You can buy a silver surface solution for cleaning surfaces and you can also buy silver based sanitising gel, which is a ready-to-use gel that can be applied to skin, it is designed to provide full coverage before drying.

To use silver as a hand sanitiser, simply apply it to your hands or if you want to use silver as a surface sanitiser you might want to acquire a surface solution and spray onto the desired surface, rub it in for a minute or so.

You can also use a silver cloth to wipe down surfaces.


Our silver sanitising products provide an up to 24 hour boost to protection after application they also don't contain any alcohol.

Our sanitising products are also tested for effectiveness and removing germs and bacteria.

Alogenic Silver Shield  Surface Sanitising Spray Products range