At Alogenic Silver Shield we provide commercial, domestic and medical grade antibacterial grade sanitising products to help protect against harmful bacteria. Our products focus on ingredients such as Colloidal Silver & Aloe Vera.

Alogenic Silver Shield products are manufactured by a wholly Australian owned family business that is based in Melbourne Australia. All of our products are created based on the same guiding principles, Make the safest and most natural products possible. 

The Silver Shield company was created with the inspiration from family and friends to develop non alcoholic based sanitising products that were safer to use, not use harsh chemicals, did not damage surfaces, did not dry out and irritate hands like alcohol based products, was safe to use for all the family and did not need constant reapplication.

We took up the challenge and developed the unique Alogenic Silver Shield range, we were already familiar with the amazing properties of colloidal silver and decided to incorporate it into the unique formula that is used in every Silver Shield product. 

After many months of development we came up with a product that meets all of the required criteria, not alcohol based, not full of nasty chemicals, is kind to hands and surfaces and has an advanced long lasting residual effect.

Alogenic Silver Shield has special advantage to other sanitisers like alcohol that stops working once dry after application, the nano particle residue that Alogenic Silver Shield leaves on hands and surfaces keeps working between applications, up to 24 hrs ! that means less applications, for more protection, at less cost.

Alogenic Silver Shield is the sister company to ‘Alogenic Certified Organic Aloe Vera Australia' this company maintains the same principles of providing the most natural and safe products possible for you and your family, we invite you to visit the site and review some of the wonderful nutrition and healing products… 

Alogenic silver shield products have received numerous regulatory approvals and the company technology claims are supported by independent testing conducted in Laboratories covering Australia, America, Canada, Asia, 

We also sell Aloe Vera products that accommodate to people, animals and agriculture which can be found at alogenic.com

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