Silver Based Hospital Grade Disinfectant


Whats the story with silver?

It’s no secret that silver has been used in cleaning wounds, disinfecting surfaces, drinking water, and food, and killing pathogenic organisms for hundreds, even thousands of years. In fact, it’s still used today in hospitals and other medical settings because of its proven ability to kill a broad range of bacteria and other microorganisms by utilising its ability as a natural antibiotic.

One treatment for many ailments

Colloidal silver is available in a variety of forms, including gels, liquids, sprays, and topical creams it is also impregnated into wound dressings and some medical equipment.Alogenic Silvershield hospital grade disinfectant can be used on many hard surfaces for infection control, i.e. plastic, glass, laminate, metal etc.

Silver, prevents infection and promotes healing

The use of topical silver to reduce bacterial burden and promote

Silver for hospital & clinics

Alogenic Silver Shield is the perfect choice for a hospital grade disinfectant because it penetrates the cell walls of bacteria, once inside the cell the silver will inhibit cell function and reproduction. the bacteria are unable to survive, the dead cells that have absorbed the silver act like land mines, destroying any bacteria that come into contact with them. It is non toxic for staff and patients.

Whatever gets disinfected... stays disinfected!

Your standard hospital grade disinfectant has very short effective lifespan, after the initial surface application, bacteria can proliferate unchecked, especially if surface cleaning is inadequate. The specially formulated Silver Shield hospital grade disinfectant overcomes this problem by leaving a residue of nanoparticles of silver on the surface that keep working for 24hrs +.

Booby trapped bugs

Amazingly, as an added bonus, the bacteria that have been killed with a silver hospital grade disinfectant retain silver nanoparticles within their cells, killing any other microbes that come into contact with them! Alogenic Silver shield has incorporated silver into an advanced hospital grade disinfectant spray that has proven to be highly effective, it kills germs a wide range of harmful microorganisms, including , viruses, and fungi. This hospital grade disinfectant is suitable for a variety of settings, including hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes, schools, and other public facilities, to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases from hard surfaces and medical equipment.

How does silver kill bacteria?

Alogenic hospital grade disinfectant spray contains Silver ions that perform their deadly work by punching holes in bacterial membranes and wreaking havoc once inside. They bind to essential cell components like DNA, preventing the bacteria from performing even their most basic functions.

Silver nanoparticles: a powerful weapon against multi-drug and bactericidal resistant pathogens:

Biomedical and pharmaceutical sectors are currently faced with the enormous challenge of trying to deal with multi drug/bactericidal resistant pathogenic microbes, particularly in hospital and medical clinic environments, the delivery of treatment options is a major priority. Standard hospital grade disinfectants in some cases have become a major contributor to the problem.

MDR (multi drug resistant) bacterial infections are the cause of a significant increase in mortality, morbidity, and the ultimate cost of medical treatments. Bacteria can readily become resistant to alcohol and bleach based disinfectants, this makes the use of a Silver based disinfectant more relevant.

Options for drug resistant bacteria

Bacteria cannot become resistant to a silver based hospital grade disinfectant, this is especially important when you consider bacteria that becomes immune to surface treatments can is also more likely to become immune to antibiotics. In addition to its use as a disinfection agent, silver has also been found to be suitable for other medical applications. For example, silver-coated medical devices and dressings have been shown to be a major factor in successful infection control, and promotes faster wound healing.

Silver, good for everyone!

Overall, silver is the primary component in the Alogenic Silver Shield hospital grade disinfectant, and has a range of beneficial properties in medical applications. Its use helps to protect patients, healthcare workers, and the general public from the spread of harmful microorganisms.

Silver Shield is Safe to use...

Prolonged exposure to many standard disinfectant chemicals such as Hypochlorite (bleach), Ammonium chloride, and Ethyl alcohol can cause injury to skin, eyes and lungs. They can also be dangerous to store with other chemicals as explosions can occur if mixed, they are also not ideal for the environment. Silver Shield hospital grade disinfectant has been formulated with maximum safety in mind for both patients, cleaning staff, and the environment.

Silver Shield hard surface disinfectant Spray, designed for use on washable hard surfaces(after surface cleaning) is not harmful if accidentally exposed to skin, it is not flammable, it has a neutral odour, and can be stored safely with other chemicals.

Silver Shield, TGA Approved.. & Kills COVID 19 Virus

Many other products make a lot of claims regarding efficacy, unfortunately a large number of the manufacturers cannot substantiate any of their claims with any relevant or official documentation.
The Silver Shield disinfectant product is approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Association as a hospital grade surface spray disinfectant that kills COVID 19 VIRUS, our product is Anti-Bacterial, Anti- Fungal, Anti- Viral.

Can you clean & disinfect at the same time?

Both disinfecting and cleaning are essential to reduce the spread of harmful pathogens, but germs can remain viable on surfaces for hours or days following even when surfaces seem free of dirt & grime. In order of priority, cleaning should come first, followed by disinfection, this method is recommended as best practice to prevent the spread of viral illness (see NIOSH .pdf link below).

Do cleaner/disinfectant products work?

Some products are touted as a 2 in 1 cleaner/disinfectants, these are probably adequate for light dirt & grime in domestic use, but for places like clinics and hospitals they are just not up to the task particularly when you are dealing with dirt and grime that may contain pathogens such as e-coli, golden staph, aggressive bacteria and viruses, including COVID19 Virus. This is especially the case when assuring hygiene in hospitals and medical clinics.