Silver Based Disinfectant kills Covid 19 virus

Alogenic Silver Shield Silver based hospital grade disinfectant has been tested by the Australian Therapeutic goods association and has been confirmed to be very effective at killing a broad range of pathogens within a very short contact time, including COVID-19 Virus, this is first silver based disinfectant to be tested and approved by the TGA, and possibly the first in the category of silver based disinfection products worldwide, it is suitable for hospitals and healthcare facilities to assist with disease control and help prevent virus spreads such as COVID-19.

Alogenic silver shield disinfectant is suitable for both healthcare and non healthcare settings. Prevention of aggressive bacteria Virus transmission is a major priority. The World Health Organisation website is an excellent resource for advice on general health matters and how to protect patients and staff in medical settings, plus some really useful information on surface disinfection to prevention the spread of viruses and infection.

Why is silver better at disinfecting surfaces?

Silver based disinfectants have a few important advantages over standard cleaning and disinfecting products when it comes to prevention of infection from germs and viruses, particularly on high touch surfaces.

Frequently touched surfaces such as light switches, remote controls and door handles need constant cleaning and disinfection to prevent the spread of infection, this is because standard disinfection products only remain active until the hard surfaces become dry, at which point the product becomes completely inactive and has to be reapplied. not so with Alogenic Silver Shield silver based disinfecting product.

A Silver disinfectant product for lasting protection

Once surface cleaning is completed, and you have made sure that the surface to be disinfected is suitable, follow the application instructions and apply Silver Shield disinfectant spray to the area using the fine spray bottle provided,the short contact time required will quickly kill bacteria and disinfect the treated surface.

Simply allow to air dry and the job is done, once dry, the residual silver will continue to kill bacteria and stop the spread of pathogens for 24 hours + without any loss in effectiveness. And unlike cleaners and disinfectant products that contain chemicals like bleach, it will not sting your nose or harm your skin if accidentally exposed to the liquid, but your health is of utmost importance so still follow manufacturer's instructions wear reusable gloves and take precautions.

Where can Silver Shield disinfectant be used?

It can be used in any environment where you need to protect people from the risk of infection and the spread of any particular virus or germs. Ideal for healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics, or anywhere people have close contact, or where standard practices demand an effective cleaning and disinfecting disease control procedure.

It can basically be used to replace any other standard disinfectant spray product, and used to spray or wipe on many suitable water safe surfaces such as tables, food prep areas, door handles, some medical devices, some vinyl covered soft surfaces, dining tables, some plastic surfaces etc. not suitable to spray near electrical appliances and things like light switches, for these areas just dampen a cloth with the silver disinfectant and wipe the surface, or use silver based disinfecting wipes. always read instructions before use and wear gloves when using any chemical.

Can we complete cleaning and disinfecting using only one product ?

Many cleaning and disinfection products claim to be disinfecting surfaces and cleaning at the same time. According to extensive research, cleaning and disinfection are two separate operations, cleaning the surfaces should be completed first to wash off any particulate matter, then you can disinfect the surfaces to kill any remaining germs.

There would obviously be some exceptions, high touch surfaces such as hand rails for example could be cleaned using Alogenic silver based disinfecting wipes or wiped on with a cloth soaked with silver solution liquid disinfectant, as long as there is no visible residue, and long as a silver residue is left behind, the surface will be disinfected after a very short contact time. If we are treating visibly dirty surfaces, i.e. general dirt/food matter, some form of detergent will be required prior to disinfection.

Can standard disinfectants be dangerous to use ?

Some disinfectants can contain carcinogenic, flammable, and generally poisonous ingredients, that can seriously damage your health, for instance (Clorofene) is a common ingredient, its safety data sheet contains the following warnings: Harmful if inhaled, Suspected of causing cancer. Suspected of damaging fertility. May cause organ damage with prolonged or repeated exposure. Causes serious eye damage.

There are many more equally as dangerous chemicals that are used in the production of many other cleaning and disinfecting products, the risk involved in using them is very high, even breathing in vapours can damage nose mouth and lung tissue, we recommend that you always read the product label and research any potentially hazardous chemicals that are contained in the product. You can of course minimise any risk and protect staff by using a safe product such as a silver based disinfectant. The World Health Organization is an excellent resource for developing risk management for cleaning products and chemicals in disinfection products.;jsessionid=5AFB283B3251470520601B59499FC085?sequence=1