Can Silver be used as an Hand Sanitiser?

Yes, silver is an excellent hand sanitiser. Silver has antimicrobial properties that can kill bacteria and viruses on the skin. Also with Silver based hand sanitisers alcohol is not necessary so it can be used as is.

Using alcohol free hand sanitisers generally means that it is gentle on the skin and can create a barrier of nano silver particles which can protect the skin.

Unlike standard alcohol based sanitisers that can kill germs on contact but once the alcohol has dried up it doesn't provide further benefit, this means having to reapply many times a day.


How does silver kill bacteria and viruses on the skin?

Silver particles are antimicrobial and kill bacteria and viruses by binding to and destroying their cell membranes. This process is called “silver iontophoresis.” Silver ions are also effective in killing bacteria and viruses by disrupting their DNA and RNA.


What are the benefits of using silver as a hand sanitiser?

Silver hand sanitisers are more effective than alcohol-based hand sanitisers in killing certain types of bacteria, including MRSA and VRE. Silver hand sanitisers can also be effective in killing viruses such as influenza and herpes. It also provides more benefits like no nasty chemicals and alcohol, plus it kills a wider range of bugs.

What are the drawbacks of using silver as a hand sanitiser?

The initial investment for Silver hand sanitisers is that they can be more expensive than alcohol-based hand sanitisers but require much less applications to be effective, therefore much less is used.