Why clear silver solution is better than Amber coloured solution?

Choosing the best quality silver can be very confusing, if the product claims to be 'Pharmaceutical Grade' or 'Hospital Grade', check with the retailer or directly with the manufacturer to confirm that claim with the relevant documentation. 

Silver particle solutions effectiveness is based around the surface area of the individual particles, larger particles are much less effective than smaller particles which have much more area to make contact with pathogens, making the smaller particles much more bioactive.

Larger particles can give the solution an amber hue due to light absorption in all wavelengths except yellow, this phenomenon will not occur in small particles.

Silver particle solutions are measured with the PPM scale which means (Parts Per Million)


So what color silver solution is better?

So as a rule of thumb, clear liquid with smaller particles are the best choice, remember, small particles can be more easily absorbed and expelled from the body, making them more effective and safe to use.


What makes our products different?

We use the clear silver solutions in our products for our hand sanitisers, surfaces sanitisers and disinfectants.